Residential, Commercial and Industrial duct cleaning.

Clean Air Specialties offers complete system cleaning for any type of duct work or ventilation equipment in any type of home or building. We can clean a single family home, a high rise apartment or condo building, office space and industrial applications.

We can even clean the duct work in your boat or any  type of marine vessel. If it has ducts we can clean it!

Whole house HEPA filtration - For those who are looking for the ultimate in indoor filtration system for their home we offer Whole House HEPA systems that can be used with your existing duct work or as a stand alone system. Call for details on these state of the art systems.
  Inline air purifiers - To rid your home or business of microscopic pests like viruses, bacteria, volatile organic compounds and fungi we recommend the RGF inline air purifier. These systems can be install in about an hour and will work in any location as long as you have duct work available. Call for details on these great systems.
  Fresh air exchange systems - For the ultimate in fresh indoor air we can install a fresh air exchanger that will pump stale air from the home to the outside and bring in fresh air that is heated or cooled depending on the season. These systems can be adapted to any home no matter what type of heat you have.
  Dryer vent cleaning - For your family's safety & for efficient operation of your Dryer, you should routinely clean your dryer event exhaust system. Ducts-R-Us has the specialized tools to ensure a proper cleaning is performed on your dryer duct.
  Lint alert system - Ducts-R-Us can install a lint alert monitor in your dryer vent that will tell you when it's time for a cleaning. Ask our staff for details.

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